Please take a moment to read what our members have to say about Abhaya MMA:

When i came back from Ireland in 2005 I was looking for something to...I went to a BJJ class at Abhaya...that was 12 years ago and I still love this sport. I am proud to call all these people my brothers and confidence was boosted while learning effective self defense. Abhaya is awesome!

Kent -

Before joining Abaya at age 11 I had anger problems and was always getting suspended from school for fighting. Jon's teaching gave me a place to channel my negative energy into positive energy. I now have gone 18 and 1 in competition, have not been suspended from school and the last two years have been awarded playground leadership award. Jiu Jitsu will change your life.

Caleb Donnellan -

I started going to the Women's BJJ and Self Defense classes 6 months ago. I quickly became aware of new kind of strong that was missing in my life and immediately felt empowered by the idea that I could defend myself, if the opportunity ever presented itself. I 'caught the bug' and realized, that as intimidated as I felt about going to the mixed classes (to train with women & men) it was the only way I could train more. I feel supported by EVERYONE there! The instructors are concise, clear and effective teachers. My training partners are always respectful, encouraging me to be better and so generous with sharing what they know. I look forward to every class, every open mat, when I get to move, laugh, roll, be humbled, learn and choke folks! It's so satisfying! 🙂 I feel that EVERY WOMAN could benefit from learning BJJ, feeling more in control themselves and others. I feel so honoured to be part of the Abhaya family.

Carol Fellowes - Therapeutic Massage+Yoga

From the moment I walked through the doors my life forever changed. It has given me purpose direction and great friendships not to mention great health in mind and body. I can't imagine my life without Abhaya.


Abhaya has given me the chance to learn and train with fantastic teachers who are obviously passionate about what they do...I really enjoy the mix of abilities, and everyone is encouraged to work at their own level. A great place to learn skills, have fun, and become part of the Abhaya family!


Abhaya is truly for everyone. Young or old, beginner or veteran, Jon and the senior students will welcome you - with open arms and without ego.

Kenton Sefcik - Registered Acupuncturist

From the moment i joined into the Abhaya family i was instantly treated with respect. I can't speak for anyone else but i know that being a female in a male majority gym is not a worry that I ever have to think twice of. It's not about gender there, its about who you are as a person. Are you kind, humble and passionate about bettering yourself? Join!